Akira Kosemura

88 Keys Ⅱ

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This album is a sequel to his previous piano solo album “88 Keys” released two years ago. After his previous release, he continuously composed music with his own piano, and he scoop up those new music pieces little by little and compiled into this new piano solo album.

Last album “88 Keys” was played in Spotify for more than 45 million times in two years, and loved by many listeners globally during COVID times.
This new album keeps the same worldview and intimate concept, and compiled with a slowed-down, calm, nostalgic, and peaceful seventeen piano works.

In the midst of collaboration works, such as music scores for “Fragments of Last Will”, “A Mother’s Touch”, “One Day You Will Reach The Sea”, also featured in John Legend’s song “The Other Ones”, this album was produced to show his little pleasure in unadorned, innocent, and minimalized music.