Akira Kosemura, Megumi Shinozaki & Kimihiko Nitta (CD/DVD/Photobook)


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A collaborative work by Akira Kosemura (composer), Megumi Shinozaki (flower artist), and Kimihiko Nitta (photographer).

She is collecting flowers
In the beginning there was nothing
A new bliss, a new hope, a new future
Tiny lights begin to appear

She is collecting flowers
A fresh green meadow, a sunlight filtering through foliage by the river
Tiny lights blooming across the world
Putting colors gradually
Little by little, to become satisfied

For you, for me

She is collecting flowers

Flower : Megumi Shinozaki (edenworks)
Music : Akira Kosemura
Film/Photobook : Kimihiko Nitta
Model : Shin Lee (BARK in STYLe)
Styling : Yumeno Ogawa
Hair & Make : Hiroko Takashiro