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Ten pieces of improvisational piano solo
As collecting the dusts in your heart
Sound overflows naturally
Arise and transforming
Own personal music composed in one afternoon

This is a new album released just three months later his latest original full album “MOMENTARY: Memories of The Beginning” was released after five years blank. It is a collection of improvisational piano solo works with full of peaceful warmth.
In one afternoon, he recorded these pieces while he was playing with an old piano at his family’s home which he used to play since childhood, and it turned out to be a very personal album. An album is filled with warmth in homey feeling, and a beautiful solo works composed with unique maturity as a contemporary pianist.
The album was mastered by Mandy Parnell, a British engineer who has worked with Bjork, Aphex Twin, Max Richter etc. Monaural recording decorates a simple beauty in sound.