MOMENTARY : Memories of the Beginning (CD+DVD)

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An admiration towards the ideal what is linked unconsciously to human being’s roots, as seen in anima/animus archetype.
Capture it as one fateful encounter of a man and a woman, and sublimate a couple’s life moments into music.
Akira Kosemura releases sixth original album after five years.

In this five years, Akira Kosemura attempted to compose music with the “memories of the beginning” what lies deep inside him. He captures this concept as a fateful encounter of a man and a woman, and sublimate “moments of life” into this creation of a fantasy album.
The listeners will be guided into the story of this album with each song written with various piano melodies arrangement continuously. It is a new fantasy drama composed with music.
As a story-teller, various guest vocalists were featured: Nagi Yanagi, Devendra Banhart, nikiie, lasah, and shaylee. Although it is a most ambitious and challenging work the artist has ever created, but the music played throughout in this album provides the special worldview with finely honed aesthetic sense, and will invite listeners into a story. This newly born masterpiece is filled with beautiful premonition and pure impressions.

Guest Musicians
guitar: muneki takasaka
contrabass: yasutaka okada
percussions: izumi misawa
violin: mika shirasawa
violin: mari asai
viola: madoka kurii
violoncello: haruka hitomi
violoncello: maiko satoh
drums: shota mizuguchi

liner notes: hitoshi kurimoto

recording, mixing, mastering engineer: hiroshi iguchi
studio coordination: keigo sonoda (pastoral sound)
sales promotion: kazumitsu yoshida
liner notes: hitoshi kurimoto
art direction, artwork, photo, design: shin kikuchi
production management: schole inc.