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Akisai, a sound and visual performance duo unit, released their second album “images” packaged in two discs including sound (CD) and visial (DVD).
Composition style of using guitar, piano, synthesizes are continuously used from previous album, but more sound of trumpet, flute, and other wind instruments are featured in this album. To enrich the musical expression in this piece of work, a sound artist Suzuki used various instruments from his wide range musical background, which created not only the basis of “akisai sound”, but brings an expectation to their future works.
A thirty-one minutes visual track “re:qualia” included in DVD, shows a concept of reconstructing the akisai’s worldview consists of the abstract images created from layered visual elements and sound elements with different perspective. The visual is formed from three composition works; ‘bless’, ‘mistygray’, from this album “images” and ‘theory’ from previous album “colors”. A visual artist Nakaie sublimates those sound images from each track into visual images with his own senses. To search for possibility of creating a new notion of sharing by connecting to mutual senses, and one invisible string will be tied up with the viewer’s sense lying deep inside.
As said in the album title “images”, it is produced after the various attempts of conversation between sound and visual, and will stimulate listener’s imagination richly.
A&R by Akira Kosemura, mastering and engineering by Hiroshi Iguchi, and photography and artwork by Shin Kikuchi, continued to be in charge from their previous album.

music : yo suzuki
visual concept : koichi nakaie
a&r : akira kosemura
mastering : hiroshi iguchi
artwork, art direction & DVD authoring : shin kikuchi
production management : SCHOLE INC.