dakota suite & quentin sirjacq

the indestructibility of the already felled

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A singer/guitarist Chris Hooson’s project ‘dakota suite’ and a pianist/composer Quentin Sirjacq will be releasing their new collaboration album from Schole Records.
This album was recorded during their second ‘dakota suite & quentin sirjacq’ Japan tour in 2017.
A well-balanced musical harmony of Quentin Sirjacq’s simple but elegant piano sounds with Chris Hooson’s voice as if it lights slightly in the silence, and the sound of vibraphone and synthesizer creates the comfortable atmosphere.
Not only Quentin’s prepared piano, but also Matsumushi, Mokusho, Tam-Tam, Crotale, these characteristic percussions were used to put some accent to the music.
From the songs with a Japanese title, kogarashi (木枯らし), kintsugi (金継ぎ), aiseki (哀惜), kyōshū (郷愁), it shows their better understanding towards Japanese culture. Their music seeks for the tranquility beauty with their imaginative approach, which gives us the peaceful time as we are enjoying the sight of Japanese Garden surrounded in silence.

produced by
quentin sirjacq & chris hooson

chris hooson
acoustic guitar & voice

quentin sirjacq
piano, vibraphone, percussions and synthesizers

recorded at
okurayama memorial hall, yokohama

all arrangements by quentin sirjacq

1 & 5 composed by chris hooson
6 & 9 composed by chris hooson / chantal acda

2, 3, 7, 8,10 & 11 composed by quentin sirjacq

4 composed by kathleen edwards

recording, mix and mastering
hiroshi iguchi

johanna hooson

akira Kosemura

recording management and art direction
shin kikuchi

sales promotion – kazumitsu yoshida, romain meril and matthieu burel

production management – schole inc.