dakota suite & quentin sirjacq

there is calm to be done

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‘there is calm to be done’ was recorded in paris in the summer of 2013 in a studio under a busy metro station, sometimes you hear trains coming and going in the music itself. the songs by chris are the most uplifting songs he has every written, in an attempt to write a suite of love songs for his wife, johanna. the pieces are augmented by sparse instrumentals by chris, quentin and david. all the songs are small windows into how these men see and feel the world, as if from a distance, and cautiously. the song, ‘committing to uncertainty’ is a song which is designed to give the listener a sense of the inner emotional pain and experience of chris & quentin and how that ‘sounds’ internally when they are going through these times. there is also a cover song, ‘dronning maud land’ which is a special song for chris. written by nick kelly of the band ‘the fat lady sings’, this song with it’s opening line ‘I seem to have grown myself a pair of old mans hands’ was a pivotal moment for chris and at a young age made him want to express his inner turmoil through music. instruments played by chris, quentin, david and a brass section. a real ‘jazz’ etiquette in the recording and masterfully mixed by david. the record was mastered in tokyo by hiroshi iguchi and even though previous records have been mastered at abbey road and by people like nils frahm the band thinks this is the best mastered record they have heard in their career to date.

‘there is calm to be done’, a record which will give you cinematic visions of an unsure life but one which sees hope and a promise of calm in the distance. listen with lights low and your heart open.