dakota suite & quentin sirjacq


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The album was recorded during dakota suite & quentin sirjacq’s Japan tour in 2015, organized by SCHOLE label. The tour started in early March, when a dusting of snows can be observed occasionally, and the spring weather is about to come.
The classic songs of dakota suite were played with Chris Hooson’s sensitive vocal as if it will disappear in the silence which comes out from his inner-soul, and the Quentin Sirjacq’s beautiful piano which fully derives the worldview of the music.
Quentin Sirjacq’s brilliant piano backing will support and guide Chris Hooson while he’s singing by his emotions not from his voice. This simple and pure set of vocal and piano will stand out the worldview of Dakota Suite, and the amazing piano arrangements by Quentin Sirjacq.
An album title song “wintersong” was first released in 1998, in the earlier days of dakota suite. From then, every album were produced with rotating and irregular members of musicians, but his compositions about love to his wife or a tragic beauty brings a tense in the air of the recording venue. The pure musical performance which carefully playing each notes in silence, creates the complete beauty heard in his music.
*A special booklet of their tour document will be included in the first limited edition package.

produced by chris hooson & quentin sirjacq
recorded in japan - 2015

recording, mixed & mastering engineer: hiroshi iguchi
a&r: akira kosemura
cover artwork: chris hooson
tour photographer: takeshi yoshimura
art direction & design: shin kikuchi
production management: schole inc.