Dom Mino'

Time Lapse

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Schole Records’ awaited third release is the first album by a fresh artist Domenico Mino’s solo project “Dom Mino’ “from London.Yet his music is mainly created electronically, it is played delicately soft as seeing daydream and has sort of Japanese lyricism.This new age tunes could be worth calling as”Sweet Pop Music”. In his past, Dom Mino’ provided some of his tunes for the short films and animation pieces by a video artist Ed Holdsworth and created a huge sensation after those video pieces have made appearances on BBC website.
Moreover, album’s artwork photograph is taken by Domenico’s old friend Dan Holdsworth, whom photos are well known at the galleries like Saatchi, Tate and V&A.
In”Time Lapse,”which spent more than a year to be edited, there are some remix tunes each by the familiar schole artists, Akira Kosemura and Haruka Nakamura,to make this masterpiece even classier.

all produced by Dom Mino'

track14 originally composed by haruka nakamura
track15 remixed by Akira Kosemura

photography by Dan Holdsworth
art direction by Shin Kikuchi

all tracks mastered by Masahiro Amemiya
a&r by Akira Kosemura