windvane & window

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February 2009, flica has made a debut with their 1st album “windvane and window” and went dead-stock with such popularity. This time, Schole Records present the album as Japanese domestic version. As a debut album, “windvane and window” is created by minutely structured beats mixed with some other elements such as sweet voice sampling, and melodies which tenderly played with piano or guitar. Though we know the process from their 2nd album “nocturnal”, it is never enough to listen to this heart warming masterpiece. Also, Haruka Nakamura and Akira Kosemura have participated and put their remixes into the album.
Better yet, as Japanese domestic album, it has some unpublished tracks [T11] [T12], and [T13] remixed by paniyolo, who’ s just released his debut album from schole!!