ghost and tape

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Lives in Barcelona Spain, “ghost and tape” is a solo unit by Heine Christensen. His works were well received in both “Note of seconds-schole compilation vol.2-” and a piece which was included in a multi-media “CLARITY (CD+BOOK)” , and finally Schole Records is about to release his long-awaited debut album. Like its name, “ghost and tape” creates sound like a mirage of perfect lo-fi oriented. Noise sounds like a mixture of old tapes, and invites us to slumber while tracing the middle of Acoustic/Electronica. The opening song “onesome” goes with guitar arpeggio loop which reminds the classic pop. Then, the exhilarating melody “bless the blind” takes listeners to the first climax with noisiness. In “cradle,” the voice of female vocal cut-ups makes people trip in melting. Akira Kosemura’ s keyboard adds more to it. As Heine layered his soft vocal with much of floating feelings in “ghostday,” “ghost and tape” expands his popness with putting in some own twists while making listeners glimpsing the country-flavored honest melody line. The harmony is born between rough texture and noise that covers the whole tracks, a unique electronic sounds, and acoustic instruments to be the supreme relaxing daydream.