ghost and tape


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Schole Records’s autumn standard artist “ghost and tape” is releasing the second album, after two years from his debut album.
Those comfortable touch of noise and the atmosphere of nostalgic vague scenery from the self-titled debut album, are still kept in the warm-hearted album “Home” like the title suggests. In this piece, his experience of living in the Copenhagen and Barcelona has reflected widely. The journey of this album begins with the sweet sound like music box. Each composition has its own individual characters, without disrupting the sense of unity like as colorful wooden houses along a canal in foreign countries. Layers of acoustic guitar melodies are put gently and delicately, echo comfortably in the air, and a delightful crispy noise creates the rhythm, which invites you to dream.
The album has 14 tracks include the remix by Schole’s familiar artists, Paniyolo & Sawako.
Thoughts about the seasonal change, from summer to autumn, people wears the new wardrobe, the tree leaves turns their color, the light and wind from the window creates the soft sunny spot inside the house. On the way back home, like the nostalgic and kind-hearted scenery from the film, the sound of “ghost and tape” will begin to flow again slowly into your ears.

Written and recorded by Heine Christensen.

A&R: Akira Kosemura
Mastering: Taylor Deupree 12k
Sales promotion: Kazumitsu Yoshida
Photographic material: Brian Young
Photograph & Art direction: Shin Kikuchi