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German musician Jochen Tiberius Koch releases his first full album. The album was produced with an inspiration from a book “Walden; or, Life in the Woods” written by an American author/philosopher Henry David Thoreau. “Walden; or, Life in the Woods” writes about Henry’s nearly two years of experience living in a forest, and compresses the time into a single calendar year. Henry portrays a nature he encountered very lively, and on the other hand he quotes about blistering criticism of a civilized society.
Jochen has self-released 2 EPs under different name “Autumn Of Pækward”, which he plays a characteristic spacy synthesizer sound, and the album “Walden” will be the new release since then. In his new release, some similarity in sounds from his previous releases can be heard, but more classical elements with an elegant sound of piano and strings effects the emotions in the calmness of ambient electronica music background. Jochen interprets Henry’s philosophy and the joys of nature into music composition.
A film director, actor, and narrator Dieter Bellmann performs poetry reading very impressively in “the bean-field”. Jochen explains Dieter as “His voice is dark and ephemeral, and his voice is perfect to read ‘Walden’”, and his solemn and deep voice invites listeners into the story. “the ponds”, the beautiful harmony of arpeggio sounds of piano and Willy Son’s clear voice echoes throughout a Walden Lake. “brute beighbors”, with the whispering voice of Manfred Kroog and the layered string sounds brings a melancholy of autumn season. At last, “spring”, Fräulein Laura’s angel voice expresses a sign of warm spring in a forest. Throughout the album, listeners can think nostalgically of the beauty of nature from a season’s transition, about Lakeside at Walden, and feel the happiness of harmonious combination with nature.

all music by Jochen Tiberius Koch
inspired by Henry David Thoreau
with the Schmalkalden Philharmonic Orchestra; conducted by Knut Masur, under the direction of Ronnie Tyler

Recorded by Kevin Zeta-Jones and Jochen T Koch at Frogmore Stew-Dio Copenhagen,
autumn & winter 2017
recording engineer David Masseltoff
master by Hiromits Shoji
a&r - Akira Kosemura
photographs by Annika Annakonda
art direction, photographs & designed by Shin Kikuchi
production management - SCHOLE INC.
words on „the bean field“ by Jochen T Koch, spoken by Dieter Bellmann (1940-2017)
lyrics on „the ponds“ by Willy Son, sung by Willy Son
words on „baker farm“ by Jochen T Koch, spoken by Manfred Kroog
words on „brute neighbors“ by Jochen T Koch, spoken by Manfred Kroog
lyrics on „winter animals“ by Fräulein Laura, sung by Fräulein Laura
lyrics on „spring“ by Fräulein Laura, sung by Fräulein Laura

THX to Dr Ferdinand Puschel, Michrich, Quantengod, Astrid and Martin, Dirk Raupach, Dom Martin, friends and colleagues - past present future

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