schole compilation vol.3


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A third compilation album will be released from the music label “schole” to commemorate its 5th anniversary since its launch. This album includes 13 tracks, and the schole label’s favorite associated musicians has newly composed especially for this new piece.
Schole has released two compilation albums so far; first compilation “schole compilation vol.1” (currently out of stock), and second compilation album “note of seconds – schole compilation vol.2 –“, which record a big sales and become one of label’s popular album. Then third compilation album “Joy – schole compilation vol.3 –“, will be released.
In the album, the musicians related with schole were gathered for this project and each artist has composed a piece of music with a theme of “Joy”. The listeners will enjoy the various emotions from this special piece of compilation by feeling how each artists face with “the heart of joy”.
The album includes not only solo piece of music, but the exclusive collaboration and specially arranged cover songs, which schole can only make it happen from the past release experience. Also, this piece of work reflects the expectancy towards the future releases from the label.
Hope the listeners can enjoy the one delicate world created by schole label to the fullest, throughout the sixty minutes of experience from this one piece of album.

executive produced by akira kosemura
mastering : hiromits shoji
photograph & design : shin kikuchi
production management : schole inc.