Tick Tick Talk

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Through cinematic indie-folk, Kieli's debut EP "Tick Tick Talk" raises personal and societal questions about time, purpose and identity. Tick Tick Talk is nostalgic and worried at times, but also playful and empowering with a vivid determination to stay present and create a better future for all beings.

"I decided to record the music myself, and that's when Tick Tick Talk really started to unfold. You would find me sitting on the floor in my family home at 4AM, scratching the old wooden floor gently, experiencing and enjoying every little detail of sound that somehow captures the essence of my childhood, uniting it with the feeling of growing up, and with who I was becoming in that specific moment.” -Kieli

Music and lyrics written and arranged by Elin Pöllänen (Kieli)
Produced by Elin Pöllänen and Mathias Zachrisson
Mastering by Cosmos Mastering

A&R by Akira Kosemura
Photographs by Elin Pöllänen
Front cover photo by Filippa Blancér
Art direction & design by Shin Kikuchi
Sales promotion: Kazumitsu Yoshida
Production management: SCHOLE INC.

Recorded in my family home Åvasta, 2018

Vocals, violin, piano, guitar, glockenspiel, harmonium, drums: Elin Pöllänen
Back-up vocals, guitar, sitar, mandolin, drums/percussions: Mathias Zachrisson
Extra vocals on Tromsø: Birds singing in Stockholm

Thank you to my fellow human and animal beings for all your support and inspiration
and thank you Terra, our planet home, for your wise and verdant embrace