Miho Ota & Paniyolo

Sora to Hana

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Paniyolo, whom released many guitar albums from Schole Records, is releasing an duo name album with a vocalist Miho Ota, who has been active in music scene using her own unique singing style, such as collaborating with Norwegian traditional music “Joik”, and founded a female choir group “CANTUS” to tell the beauty of church music which Japanese are not familiar with.

On the sunny day of May 2021, in the woods located 1000m above sea level of Nagano Prefecture, the music was recorded with the birds chirping in between the songs.

Ota’s singing characteristic is known as her powerful and straight tone voice, but she sealed using this method in this album. She purposely controlled her voice to mp (mezzo piano) and sung calmly and closely with Paniyolo’s guitar.

Most of the songs were composed by exchanging mails, Paniyolo sends the guitar riff and Ota responds by adding the vocal to it.

In this conceptual album, listeners will feel the solid emotions overflowing in our daily life from these quiet and calm music pieces.

Recording and mastering by Katsunori Fukuoka from Flysound, photography by Momoka Omote, and artwork by Shin Kikuchi from SCHOLE.

Music : Muneki Takasaka, Miho Ota

Vocal : Miho Ota
Guitar : Paniyolo
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Katsunori Fukuoka (Flysound)
Recording at Nagano (May 22 2021)
A&R : Akira Kosemura
Photo : Momoka Omote
Art Direction, Design & Artwork : Shin Kikuchi
Special thanks : 美肌室ソラ、山森亜沙美