Paniyolo + Akio Watanabe

Passage of sky

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Paniyolo, a guitarist Muneki Takasaka’s solo project, collaborated with a steelpan player Akio Watanabe from WAIWAI STEEL BAND, to release a new album “Sora mo sukoshi (Passage of sky)” from SCHOLE Label.

In February 2019, they performed a session inside the lodge located at Yatsugatake (Yamanashi-prefecture) and it was recorded with the warmth of wood-burning stove which silently crackling flames.
This album includes19 sketches, in total of 52 minutes of music composed with the layers of quiet sound of both a guitar and a steelpan, which express the changing of weather conditions and one’s state of mind.
The openness sound from the steelpan is controlled, as it whispers to the listeners with a guitar sound.
Like reading a short story with a bliss, each music is created with a comfortable and serene tempo.
Mastered by Suguru Oba (no.9 orchestra).
Artwork by a printmaker Hitomi Hiraoka, photographs and design by Shin Kikuchi (SCHOLE).
Live tour schedule is planned after the release date.

Track 5,8: Muneki Takasaka
Track 3,12,16: Akio Watanabe
Other Track: Muneki Takasaka + Akio Watanabe

Steelpan: Akio Watanabe
Guitar: Muneki Takasaka (paniyolo)

Recorded at Yatsugatake annex inn (February 25,26,27 2019)
Mix: Muneki Takasaka (paniyolo)
Mastering: Suguru Oba

A&R: Akira Kosemura
Sales Promotion: Tokuhei Matsuo
Artwork: Hitomi Hiraoka
Art Direction, Photographs, Design: Shin Kikuchi
Production Management: SCHOLE INC.