Christmas Album

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2012 winter, Schole releases a Christmas album by Paniyolo, who has released two acoustic guitar albums from Schole “I’m home (2009)” and “Hitotema (2012)”. The winter season’s standard album includes the simple and pleasant guitar ensemble of Paniyolo’s warmhearted guitar sound, will gently light up one’s intimate space.
Paniyolo has been playing guitar on numerous albums from past Schole releases, but he also has done remixes for the tracks by Flica and ghost and tape, which received a good review of his sense of arrangement by putting some his original colors. Recently he has been covering many songs including traditional Japanese children’s songs.
Paniyolo’s guitar style heard in his previous release “Hitotema”, the simple and comfortable strumming sound, can be heard again in the album. The favorite Christmas songs are played gently and softly, such as “Let It Snow”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, “Jingle Bells”, and “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer”.
The artwork is done by Yoshinori Takezawa, who has another face as a musician which has released from Schole.
Beautiful melodies are kept as it is, but with the simple and sophisticated arrangements produces a calm and quiet atmosphere. Paniyolo’s Christmas album will bring a joy to one’s heart, gently and softly.

all arranged by paniyolo (muneki takasaka)
paniyolo : acoustic guitar, classical guitar, silent guitar
guest : suguru oba(04)

mix & mastering : suguru oba

A&R : Akira Kosemura
Artwork : Yoshinori Takezawa
Art Direction : Shin Kikuchi
Production Management : SCHOLE INC.