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A story made with a tiny bliss sprinkled in our daily life.
An acoustic album by a guitar player “paniyolo.”

The long-awaited album is released after three years from his first album “i’m home”. Guitarist paniyolo (muneki takasaka) plays warm acoustic sound in his 2nd full album released from schole label on April 11th, 2012. He has been playing active as a support guitarist for the label artist’s production and their live performances, in the meantime, he has been facing into his music with the acoustic guitar melody and slowly created this piece of album. The strong interest in search of his own sound, has added more depths into his guitar sounds, as one can feel the breathe of the player, which has the smooth and comfortable sound. Also, the sound atmosphere creates unlikely no electronic sound gap between the listener and the player. From the piece of humane sounds, one can sense the image of him standing still with a guitar.

Percussionist, Izumi Misawa and guest pianist Suguru Oba, who also in charge of recording, mix engineer for this album, are featured as a supporting artist. And the artwork by Tsuji Keiko, a paper cutout artist, who works for book-cover design and the title letterings in many projects.

Paniyolo has been creating with his own pace by tracing one step by one step, as one gently cuddles to someone’s daily life. This album is a story weave together with compositions inspired from a tiny bliss from our daily life, becomes one of paniyolo’s masterpiece.

paniyolo : muneki takasaka
all written & arranged by muneki takasaka

steel & nylon guitar, guitalele, synthesizer : muneki takasaka
marimba : izumi misawa
piano, e.piano, programming : suguru oba

recording, mix engineer : suguru oba
mastering : hiromits shoji

a&r : akira kosemura
artwork : tsuji keiko
art direction & photographs : shin kikuchi
production management : SCHOLE INC.