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Paniyolo releases the re-recorded edition of “3-Gatsu Ga Nemuru” which was released previously as a limited edition handcrafted album.

In this album, the scenery of spring coming is expressed simply with his guitar notes.

On this re-recorded version, the sound of accordion, ukulele, and steel pan are added to put an accent to the music, and bring a little bit of warmth in this entire album.

Both of the albums will be only sold at SCHOLE SHOP and a select CD shop “Ame to Kyujitsu”.

Composed, guitar, mixed by Muneki Takasaka(Paniyolo)
Accordion: Hirofumi Nakamura(track1)
Ukulele、Steelpan: Akio Watanabe(track1,4)
Mastering: Suguru Oba

A&R: Akira Kosemura
Artwork: Yoshinori Takezawa
Design: Shin Kikuchi
Production management: SCHOLE INC.
Special Thanks: Toshihiko Terada(Ame to kyujitsu)