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“Sometimes” by a guitarist Paniyolo released from SCHOLE label, after three years blank from his previous release.
This original full album is released since “I’m home” (2009)” and “HITOTEMA” (2012). It was recorded at “guzuri recording house”, a wooden café studio located at Irima area in Saitama Prefecture, with a guest guitarist annie aka Hirofumi Nakamura (momo-tsubaki, tricolor, etc) whom supported Paniyolo’s live performances since after the release of a cover album “Christmas Album” in 2012. Recording experience at this warm feeling studio guzuri has created a warm-hearted album containing the sounds of creaking old wooden house, the sound of falling rain, trees tremble gently in the wind, burning calmly in an oil heater, a gentle rustle of clothes, and the breathing of performers, and these sounds will echo quietly and softly besides the listeners.
The album includes a couple of track from his first album “I’m home”, ‘Ame’ and ‘Kurashi’, performed again with simple arrangements. Also includes the cover of Bob Marley’s masterpiece ‘redemption song’. An occasional bliss in the everyday life as a motif, the heart-filled melodies and tunes played with the gentle acoustic guitar, which will fit into one’s daily life and keep one’s heart warm.
Recording, mixing, and mastering by engineer/keyboardist Suguru Ooba.
Paniyolo’s precious music is packaged in a special box, as a warm feeling when one gives or receives a gift to/from beloved ones. Photographs inside the package, total design and artworks are done by Shin Kikuchi from SCHOLE. Also, it includes a liner note written by Toshihiko Terada, an owner of select CD shop “ame to kyujitsu”. Paniyolo has been creating with his own pace by tracing one step by one step, as one gently cuddles to someone’s daily life. This album is a story weave together with compositions inspired from a tiny bliss from our daily life, becomes one of paniyolo’s masterpiece.