synfilums (art book + CD)


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The second album by the duo “synfilums” consisting of Shin Kikuchi, an art director of Schole Records whom produced artworks for various musician’s albums, and Itoko Toma, a modern classical artist whom creates experimental but accessible sound works with her classical music background, will be released. The album contains both music and artbook as their previous release.
In this album, the second half of the album is produced by Toma by using the elements of music produced by Kikuchi in the first half of the album, it has a concept that a single motif can be reborn through imagination.
“ReBorn”, the second track, is originally a piano piece composed for "Summer Ghost”, the first film directed by the up-and-coming illustrator loundraw, released in 2021. It was sublimated into a complete musical work with the guest guitarist Paniyolo,
"Syn Crho”, a bonus track which also appeared on their first album, is a reworked music by Kikuchi and Toma from their current point of view. It also includes reworked music of flica and akisai, familiar musicians from Schole Records.
In the art book, it consists the photos and artwork produced to date with retouching and reworking, which bring new aspects to each work and stay more closely to the musical works.


All Music by synfilums
Produced by Shin Kikuchi
Arranged by Itoko Toma

Bass, Vocal, Lyrics & Programming: Shin Kikuchi
Piano, Vocal, Synthesizer: Itoko Toma

Guitar: Paniyolo(track6)
Track13 reworked by filica
Track14&15 reworked by akisai

Art Direction, Design & Photographs: Shin Kikuchi