Schole Collection Box

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Pieces of music collected from SCHOLE’s history.
The first 5-CD collection box from the label.

Until now, the label has released various musicians’ works with its original philosophy and a sense of beauty, although the music varies in genres (new age, acoustic, electronic, post-classical, pops, alternative) these sound productions are wrapped in its own label color. Schole Records have grown together with the sound artist since its launch and celebrates the 10th anniversary of its founding in May 2017.
To commemorate this, SCHOLE releases its first time releasing a 5-CD collection box, compiling the selected songs from all the past releases.

The label’s attitude of facing the music with sincerity and challenges, and finding its own creative way through the process trial and error, has made it possible to receive a strong support from listeners and buyers from their early days of the launch. With the recent media exposure to overseas has also helped increase acknowledge about this original label which introduces music with its own beauty sense, founded in the unique culture and atmosphere of Japan, managed by two people, a sound artist and a visual artist. This release of a landmark album is to thank all the SCHOLE music listeners and supporters for these ten years, and to another next chapter of the label.

The album is separated in 5 CDs, in the order of release date.
It will be the best album to whom listening to SCHOLE music for a first time.

Limited Edition 5-CD set, Original Box & CD cases, including SCHOLE booklet

Featuring Artist: Akira Kosemura, haruka nakamura, Dom Mino’, sawako, daisuke miyatani, flica, Paniyolo, teruyuki nobuchika, hummingbert stereo, ghost and tape, nunu, mamerico, Quentin Sirjacq, yoshinori takezawa, [.que], akisai, dakota suite, Itoko Toma


Schole Collection Ⅰ

01. P V G – sawako + daisuke miyatani
02. azure – akira kosemura + haruka nakamura
03. Between A and B – Daisuke Miyatani
04. Light Dance – Akira Kosemura
05. f – flica
06. Scarlett – Dom Mino’
07. arne – haruka nakamura
08. MID – flica
09. 暮らし – Paniyolo
10. Light Dance -home – Akira Kosemura

Schole Collection Ⅱ

01. Liquid Architecture – Dom Mino’
02. Traveling – Hummingbert Stereo
03. Nocturne – Akira Kosemura
04. sister – ghost and tape
05. waltz for hulot – mamerico
06. ma ba ta ki – sawako + daisuke miyatani
07. grassland – Akira Kosemura
08. Mais les ténèbres sont elles-mêmes – Quentin Sirjacq
09. kimidoll – nunu
10. deauville – teruyuki nobuchika
11. it’s morning (Akira Kosemura remix) – ghost and tape
12. Light Dance – Akira Kosemura
13. Unknown Coordinates – Dom Mino’ & Akira Kosemura

Schole Collection Ⅲ

01. Short Story – Quentin Sirjacq
02. Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow – Paniyolo
03. spring voice – yoshinori takezawa
04. flora – [.que]
05. imagine fun – no.9
06. enghave – ghost and tape
07. color – Paniyolo
08. estrella – yoshinori takezawa
09. day light dream – sawako + daisuke miyatani
10. Manon Theme – Akira Kosemura

Schole Collection Ⅳ

01. dronning maud land – dakota suite & quentin sirjacq
02. Halfway – [.que]
03. idearythmical – akisai
04. 虹の彼方 (I Am Robot And Proud Remix) – Akira Kosemura
05. memory6 – Quentin Sirjacq
06. Embers – Akira Kosemura
07. Misty Moon – [.que] & Akira Kosemura
08. Amour – Akira Kosemura
09. in the stillness of this night – dakota suite & quentin sirjacq
10. Bright days ahead closing – Quentin Sirjacq

Schole Collection Ⅴ

01. はじまりの記憶 feat. やなぎなぎ – Akira Kosemura
02. Waves of Light – Akira Kosemura
03. 小旅行 – Paniyolo
04. aquarius – Quentin Sirjacq
05. sicilienne – akisai
06. wintersong – dakota suite & quentin sirjacq
07. orange – Quentin Sirjacq
08. fantasia – Itoko Toma
09. これからの話 – Paniyolo
10. Acari – Akira Kosemura