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Shin Kikuchi, known for both as a co-founder of music and design production company “Schole Inc.” and as an art director of music label “Schole Records” who designs and produces artwork for label releases, will be releasing his first music album.
This album was produced with the inspiration from his second photo book “syn crho”. A pianist/composer, Itoko Toma, was invited as a collaborator whom Shin produced the design and visual works for her album released from Schole Records. A duo unit “synfilums” was formed to express the worldview of his film photography with sound.
Shin faced with his origin point “Photographs” and produced a photo book in 2012, which was a kind of time capsule project for himself, he edited and book bound with his own hand, so the memories won’t fade away with time and can be kept in his own mind, and to see how he captures these memories in a few years time. Due to COVID-19, he was forced to stay at home and came up with this idea, then he challenged to compose sound in his free time. A new life was given to the work by adding “music’ which was always besides him.
Schole Records label artists ‘akisai’ and ‘Paniyolo’ also featured as a guest musicians, whom performed a music at Shin Kikuchi’s photograph exhibition “syn crho” in 2016.

all music by synfilums
bass, vocal, lyrics & programming: shin kikuchi
piano, vocal, synthesizer: itoko toma

guitar: paniyolo
bonus tracks rework: yo suzuki (akisai)

recorded by synfilums
mixing & mastering engineer: hiroshi iguchi

art direction, design & photographs: shin kikuch

℗2020 88 landscapes