Tim Linghaus

memory sketches II

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Sometimes it can be felt. This sort of fact that a certain moment is a crucial one in our lives. But mostly we breathe and walk and talk and act without recognizing how huge the moment actually is, how important the memory of it will become for us. As for my part, Memory Sketches II is the second try to give my most precious memories a shape because, otherwise, they might disappear together with the person, the scent, the sound or whatever it is that the memory is about.

written by tim linghaus
strings by jean marie bo
saxophone for *vergissmeinnicht* by tobias leon haecker
recorded at wallring cabin
mastered by ben wiffen

artwork by alex hanke / zum heimathafen

a&r: akira kosemura
creative direction: shin kikuchi
sales promotion: tokuhei matsuo, romain meril and matthieu burel
production management: SCHOLE INC.