Tim Linghaus


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"Venus Years" is the second in a series of albums about DIVORCE from a child’s perspective that started with "We Were Young When You Left Home" (Schole, 2019).
Coping with solitude, rediscovering structure, the significance of the new daily routine and regaining self-confidence are the key themes upon which the music is built.
The tracks "Love And Dust" and "Warhorses" exemplify the album’s conceptional narrative.
Guest appearances from Muriël Bostdorp and Tobias Leon Haecker reinforce the eclectic nature of the music.
Artwork duties are once more fulfilled by Alex Hanke (Zum Heimathafen). His depicture of little boy K as a warrior in a remote post-apocalyptic wasteland is a metaphor for determination set against deprivation and loss.

Piano, Rhodes, Synthesizers, Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Overdrives, Programming: Tim Linghaus
Piano on “Love And Dust”: Muriёl Bostdorp
Saxophone: Tobias Leon Haecker
Strings: Jean Marie Bo

Written by Tim Linghaus except “Love And Dust” written by Muriёl Bostdorp and Tim Linghaus
Artwork: Alex Hanke
Mastering: George Mastrokostas
A&R: Akira Kosemura
Creative Direction: Shin Kikuchi
Sales Promotion: Tokuhei Matsuo, Romain Meril and Matthieu Burel
Production Management: SCHOLE INC.