yoshinori takezawa

dream line

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The drop of sounds drips on the bottom of one’s dream.
yoshinori takezawa’s debut album is released from Schole Records. This wonderful piece shows his true colors of his originality and his unique style of him having various faces as a painter, a visual artist, and a musician.
The artist’s longtime friend Muneki Takasaka (paniyolo) is featured in the album, also Shin Araki, Janis Crunch, Kou Saito, Moeko Suzuki are featured as guest musician. Blending with the guitar melodies, the sounds of female voice, flute, saxophone, drums, creates the layers with the subtle electronic sounds comfortably. The album is arranged with the well balance contrast of various sounds, sometimes with light colors and sometimes with vivid colors.
From his free and open style in composing regardless of style and genres, his extensive talent can be acknowledged from the first album.
Various emotions are harmonized with the sounds one by one, and flow into the dreams.

all written by yoshinori takezawa

vocal Janis Crunch (05,11)
vocal moeko suzuki (01,03,13)
guitar paniyolo (04,06)
soprano saxphone & flute ARAKI Shin (04)
drums isao saito (06)

A&R Akira Kosemura
Mastering Hromits Shoji
Cover art Yoshinori Takezawa
Art direction Shin Kikuchi